The Gift of Animal Rescue Christmas 2023

Card or Ecard


There are many animals that are in the ISPCA’s care. Your gift will ensure an animal will be rescued and will receive the treatment, care and love they need to recover.

The ISPCA's team of Animal Welfare Inspectors are ready to respond and take action when abused animals need help. Each of them has the legal power to enforce the Animal Health and Welfare Act. That means they can investigate reports of cruelty and when appropriate, remove animals from owners who cause them harm. ISPCA Inspectors will then assist with any prosecutions necessary to hold these cruel owners accountable. Once at one of our three rescue centres, each animal will receive the treatment, care and love they need to recover

The Thoughtful Gift cards will be sent directly to you to fill in the details, or we can arrange to post the cards directly to your intended recipient, please fill in their name and address in the shipping details.

Ecards: Simply fill in the personalised details and the card will deliver directly to your intended recipient.