The Gift of Emergency Veterinary Treatment Christmas 2023

Card or Ecard


Many animals that arrive at ISPCA rescue centres are badly hurt or ill and in need of urgent veterinary care. The Gift of Emergency Veterinary Treatment will help an animal heal and take that first step to a happy new home.

Sadly, many animals are abandoned or surrendered to us when they become ill or are badly injured. Once safely in our care they get the emergency veterinary treatment they need to survive. This can include surgery, X-Rays, medications, special diet, rehabilitation in special care units and aftercare. And of course, time to heal not only from their physical wounds but from their mis-treatment too. Only when they are fully recovered will we consider rehoming them.

The Thoughtful Gift cards will be sent directly to you to fill in the details, or we can arrange to post the cards directly to your intended recipient, please fill in their name and address in the shipping details.

Ecards: Simply fill in the personalised details and the card will deliver directly to your intended recipient.