The Gift of Being a Buddy to a Bunny Christmas 2023

Card or Ecard


Many rabbits come into the care of the ISPCA, when the novelty of cleaning and caring for the rabbit wears off with its owners, some are simply abandoned.

As rabbits can live up to eight years, owning a rabbit is a large commitment for a family to consider. Your vital gift of food, shelter and bedding means the rabbits in our care will get a second chance at being loved and respected. 

Meco was surrendered into our care along with many other rabbits and their kittens. None were spayed or neutered and the situation had gotten out of control. Although a little nervous at first, with lots of love and attention, Meco quickly gained confidence before going to his new home. There are many benefits to spaying or neutering a rabbit. Most importantly, it means a longer, healthier life. And it helps prevent the over population that results in so many rabbits being surrendered or abandoned.

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