The Gift of Feeding a Horse, Pony or Donkey for a Month Christmas 2022

Card or Ecard


There are many equines in the ISPCA’s care, and one of their most basic needs is to have food. Your gift will ensure a horse, pony or donkey will have a great beginning to their new life. 

May and Juno met at the ISPCA National Animal Centre. May was less than a year old when found next to a busy road trembling in pain from a large neck injury. It was infected, so the scar tissue had to be removed before treating with antibiotic cream. May has become the most adorable, playful, happy little foal. Juno, her older friend, was rescued with six abandoned horses. She had bandages on her legs that had been left on for too long causing injury. Juno is a friendly giant with a kind heart. Both will get the loving homes they deserve.

The Thoughtful Gift cards will be sent directly to you to fill in the details, or we can arrange to post the cards directly to your intended recipient, please fill in their name and address in the shipping details.

Ecards: Simply fill in the personalised details and the card will deliver directly to your intended recipient.