The Gift of Feeding a Horse, Pony or Donkey for a Month Christmas 2023

Card or Ecard


There are many equines in the ISPCA’s care, and one of their most basic needs is to have food. Your gift will ensure a horse, pony or donkey will have a great beginning to their new life. 

Thirteen-year-old Fia was heavily pregnant when she was rescued from a dark and dirty shed where she was kept without adequate food, bedding, or ventilation. Her coat and hooves were in poor condition, and she was very underweight, putting her unborn foal at risk. This friendly and lovable mare received all the veterinary care, nourishment, and treatments she needed before safely delivering Dee - her gorgeous, healthy foal.

The Thoughtful Gift cards will be sent directly to you to fill in the details, or we can arrange to post the cards directly to your intended recipient, please fill in their name and address in the shipping details.

Ecards: Simply fill in the personalised details and the card will deliver directly to your intended recipient.