The Gift of Feeding a Dog or Puppy Christmas 2022

Card or Ecard


There are many dogs and puppies in the ISPCA’s care, and one of their most basic needs is to have food. Your gift will ensure a dog or puppy will have a great beginning to their new life.

Danika was seized with her Mom, siblings and two other heavily pregnant dogs from a filthy shed with no bedding and no natural light. Although her tiny belly looked full, Danika was very underweight – she was bloated from worms. She was cleaned, treated for parasites and given her vaccinations. She was also given a special supplementary diet. Now fully recovered, this playful pup went to a loving home. So too has her Mum and the rest of the litter.

When you purchase this thoughtful gift you will receive a beautiful printed card which acknowledges your donation and makes for a wonderful gift!

E-cards can be purchased at any time. Simply fill in the personalised details and it will be delivered immediately to your intended recipient.