The Gift of Kitting out a Kennel, Cattery or Stable Christmas 2022

Card or Ecard


There are many different types of animals in the ISPCA's care. Your gift of Kitting out a Kennel, Cattery or Stable will help make their stay with us a happy one.

Many of the animals that come into our care have been abandoned, neglected or suffered unspeakable cruelty so it takes a lot of care, attention and treatment to help them recover. All need a safe place to rest and to regain their trust in people before we can even  consider rehoming. They need basic facilities like bedding, food bowls, leads and harnesses, and even toys.

The Thoughtful Gift cards will be sent directly to you to fill in the details, or we can arrange to post the cards directly to your intended recipient, please fill in their name and address in the shipping details.

Ecards: Simply fill in the personalised details and the card will deliver directly to your intended recipient.