About Us

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is recognised as Ireland’s leading animal welfare charity, and represents 20 affiliated member societies nationwide. Together the ISPCA and our members  rescue, rehabilitate and responsibly rehome thousands of animals of all different species annually. Our role is to prevent cruelty to animals, to promote animal welfare and to pro-actively relieve animal suffering in Ireland.

In 2014, the ISPCA received over 20,000 calls on our national animal cruelty helpline (1890 515 515), over 4000 of which were allegations of cruelty investigated by ISPCA Inspectors. We currently have eight Animal Welfare Inspectors covering 17 counties, we will be expanding this figure to ten during 2016.

In short we: Promote animal welfare, Prevent cruelty to animals, Relieve animal suffering.

For more information about our work visit www.ispca.ie