Don Conroy Greeting Cards

Exclusive to the ISPCA!

New Don Conroy Greeting cards. By purchasing a card you are donating to Don’s 2016 ISPCA Project, the development of ‘a Woodland Walk’ at the National Animal Centre, Longford. This Walk forms part of the sensory rehabilitation programme for animals that come into our care and will be a great opportunity for our dedicated supporters to see the local wildlife for which the ISPCA National Animal Centre and its woods are a home to.

'I have designed some exclusive cards for the ISPCA that you may purchase as an actual card or an e-card.

All the proceeds, as you know, go to 'Don's Choice Project'.

So check out the cards and if you would like to purchase on behalf of the cats, dogs, goats, donkeys, hamsters, rabbits, birds etc., I and the staff of the ISPCA  thank you.' - Don Conroy